Saturday, November 24, 2007

Still digging for M.F.I. references.

Apparently, this modest proposal of writing a quick summary on the concept of Market Financial Innovation is slow going. I had read the concept in the course reader for Economics and Banking from the University of Reno, Nevada. Professor Thomas Cargill, the author of said book, mentioned it as one of the primary reasons why there is difficulty measuring the money in the economy. Being the go getter I am, I've emailed him and I'm awaiting some explanation why the rest of the world is oblivious to this term. I've google'd the hell out of it and used a variety of other searches like Yahoo, Ask, and even the new and upcoming favorite of mine, Surf Canyon - no dice.

Before I hear back from him, I'm sure that there is some interest in why I'm focusing on the concept of Market Financial Innovation as a primary topic. No? Well, what if I told you to imagine this... when you were a young kid watching the Discovery channel or Nature, remember when you'd be watching a show on how lion cubs get killed by other adult males as a means to preserve the genetic homogeneity? Oh, I know you do. Then the camera would show a bunch of cute cubs getting slaughtered by the big male cat, and you'd be thinking, why doesn't the camera man do something, this is messed up? Well, this is a parallel to Market Financial Innovation.

No, you say? Ok, maybe it's exaggerated, but it's what I got until I actually see what Dr. Cargill suggests.

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