Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Off the Map

The holiday season is over and I'm back on track. I've had two meetings, one with the co-founder of the company and another with the director of sales (whom I work directly for). I scheduled the meetings under the premise: My Personal Goals of 2008.

The goals were 4 in points: 1. Education 2. time 3. title and 4. outbound for more revenue.

1. Educational goals: I've read Skip Connely's book "Peak" and Richard Barrett's book "Liberating the corporate soul" and I buy into the self actualization stuff on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Why not? I want to feel better about myself and what a better way to do it than investing in my mind.

Management's response: Absolutely

2. I need more free time to focus on business growth and learning about this industry. I want to meet people, go to corporate events, and network myself into better business. The world of old outbound marketing is dead. I won't always be at my desk. I will aim to be mobile in '08.

Management's response: Absolutely

3. I need a title change to represent a leadership or managerial role. I've been working in this company for about 2 years and I am a bread winner. If I left the company, it would take two sales people to generate the revenue that I generate.

Management's response: Absolutely

4. I need leadership to have faith in what actions I will take to try and generate new dollars for the company. I need access to the power of the pen of the co-founder of the company. If I'm ever wasting time on internal issues or fighting with management of other departments, I need to be able to CC the highest level of the companies leadership to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Management's response: Absolutely

So the stage is set for the next step in my plan, work less and earn more.

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