Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Year's Dinner, Now with less chicken.

Straight to the point:

On November 30th, I made my New Year's resolution. Playing it safe, I've nailed down a few realistic yet vague goals for the year all premised under one theme.

I can only talk about my New Years resolutions after I've started or nearly completed that resolution.

I've decided, based on the coaxing of a friend of mine, that if I wanted to talk about a resolution near New Year's day without breaking my own rule about talking about New Year's resolutions I would need to have one New Year's resolution far enough along so I could talk about it.

Resolution #1: Work less and enjoy work more.

I've humped through my job 50 hours a week for the past 15 months. I do well, make good money, and like the technology industry. Some of the things I like most about the this industry are the people, the events, the ideas, and the renewal of knowledge. The last point, the renewal of knowledge, is the best. Once a technology is understood, a new technology comes out that is just as important. Like HTML, to PHP, to AJAX and onward.

My goal for the next year is to meet more technical gurus, learn more in depth technical elements that define the value in any business proposition, and get involved with it.

I've already started. I've knocked about 4 hours off of my work week by being out of the office at technology events. Last week I met Robert Scoble and hung out with the 6 apart, facebook crowd. TONS of fun.

Now number on to #2 --- what's it going to be? I'm almost there. Almost.

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